LCC Expanding?

Earlier this week, residents and businesses located at 205 and 211 W Saginaw as well as 617 N Capitol Avenue were given their 30 day notices to move out of their respective locations. The homes, which were built between 1888 and 1902, appear to have been sold to Lansing Community College. One of the homes was moved to its current location when the 496 freeway expansion was done. Now residents are afraid the homes are going to be torn down to make way for another surface parking lot.

Preservation Lansing members will be touring the homes on Friday, June 1 to assess the historical value. From conversations with the occupants, the homes may look ordinary on the outside but have many wonderful architectural details on the interior. So many homes have been destroyed in downtown Lansing over the years that it's difficult to remember how grandiose it was to live in the area years ago.

It's time we quit turning historic homes into parking lots and start thinking in innovative ways.