Strange Matter Coffee Co

Strange Matter Coffee Co

The idea is simple, bring the concept of high quality coffee to the residents, students and tourists of Lansing, Michigan! We will offer a significantly higher quality method of preparation and attention to detail. We will feature coffees from top roasters in the country in order to always feature in-season, delicious, and amazing coffee. Strange Matter Coffee will be inventing a model that is not a cookie-cutter of fast-casual coffee chains.

What Will We Offer?
In addition to a traditional espresso beverage menu and auto-drip coffee we will offer hand brewed hot and iced coffee and high quality specialty teas. All of our syrups, sauces and chai will be made in-house.

Woo Michigan!
Our primary coffee roaster will be Populace Coffee. (our other guest roasters will be from around the country, some based right here in Michigan!)

Our tea will be sourced from Light of Day Organics.

2001 E Michigan Ave